Fast and Professional


Submitted by: BEACONS CLOSET

We have a 7000 square foot retail space, with a very long all glass storefront. We were really struggling to keep our store cool and our AC’s were working overtime and not doing the job, our store was HOT. We made an online inquiry with Made in the Shade and owner Steven got back to us the day of our inquiry and was at the store with samples in 48 hours. He measured and provided me a detailed quote in store and we placed the order that day. Start to finish with manufacturing blinds for a HUGE space, we had our blinds installed in 4 weeks. Installation was fast and professional and done in the morning, 4 hours before we opened our store. The blinds have helped with glare for our shoppers and keep our store much cooler during peak times of the day when the sun really bumps up the temperature. The blinds are simple and beautiful and completely hidden when they are up. Steven was pleasure to do business with, courteous and responsive and will provide you options that work for your budget. We could not be happier with our experience with Made In The Shade.