Natural Woven Shades: Organic Aesthetics, Exotic Appearance


Natural woven shades are an attractive alternative to other popular window treatments. They are available in various materials such as: Bamboo, Reeds, Jute, and Grasses. Natural woven shades infuse your home with that soothing, organic aesthetic. Pure beauty!

Natural shades are unique. They create an exotic style with their natural textures and colors. They have the ability to add light, warmth, and beauty to your respective space. Consider adding lining for light control and more privacy. There are quite a few different color linings you can choose from to match the natural colors of the woven shade.

bamboo shades with privacy and blackout liners

Made in the Shade loves to add a splash of elegance to natural woven shades. You can customize your woven shades and valances with fabric edge banding for a subtle, yet distinctive finished style. Or you can keep your edges raw for a more natural approach. The choice is yours! Fabric banding protects the edges of your shades (see image below) making it look new and fresh for years. Other options to keep your home safe for children and pets include cordless and motorized lift options. Checkout the coaster to the left of the shade…Work Hard – Dream Big!

Natural woven shades are similar to a human fingerprint; no two organic materials will look the same — color, shape, thickness, texture and graining differ slightly from piece to piece…just like every fingerprint differs from human to human. Thus, every natural shade in your home is an exclusive design element that can only be found and seen in your home. Custom design at it’s best!

Natural Woven Roman Shade. Features: Cordless Controls, 6″ Valance w/ 2″ vanilla Edge Banding on sides, bottom, and valance. Lined w/ snow white privacy liner.

The hottest design trends today call for natural textures. Natural shades create an exotic design that is authentic and exquisite. They will provide a long lasting beauty in your home for years to come.

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