Ideal Window Treatments for Bay Windows

Window Treatments

Bay windows are a very popular and common window structure in many homes. They add value to homes while showcasing an aesthetic appeal.


Bay windows offer panoramic views enabling them to allow natural light to enter your home through many angles. They are also versatile and provide great ventilation.

Speaking of being versatile, there are a bevy of window treatments options for bay windows such as: Blinds, Shades, Shutters, or even certain Roman Shades. Homeowners truly have a large selection of window treatment options for their luxurious bay windows.


The layout of the room, and any other potential outliers such as sun and heat as well as the homeowners home decor style are key factors for installing the proper bay window treatment. If the sun and heat are a glaring issue, solar shades and/or cellular shades would be perfect. You could even apply a Top Down/Bottom Up application via a cellular shade. This feature is extremely popular and a real treat to have in a home. You can have your shades open (pulled down) from the top of your window, while the bottom of the shade would cover the bottom portion of the windows providing the necessary privacy when needed and still have light filtering through your bay window from the top. You can do vice versa too (Bottom pulled up/Top covered or have both open!)


Silhouette/Sheer Shades are another great option for bay windows. Available in a wide variety of vane sizes, providing several different view options. Silhouette shades have a matching fabric inserted headrail and many different color/fabric options. Simply tilt the vanes to your desired level of light and privacy. Silhouette shades diffuse incoming light and provide a soft, warm glow in your home. Silhouettes will give your bay windows a clean, crisp appearance with stunning sophistication.


Zebra/Layered Shades have a transitional appeal to them. Classic with a modern twist. A very unique design. They simply “pop” and are fun to stare at. There is a wide selection of fabrics/colors to choose from, varying from translucent to room darkening opacities. Zebra shades also have a matching fabric headrail, this is a nice touch. 


Shutters are elegant and stunning. They also add resale value to a home. If the style of the home dictates that shutters would be a perfect compliment to the bay window, it would definitely be in the homeowners best interest to learn more. Shutters are perfect for privacy and beautiful view throughs. Shutters are a timeless beauty of home decor. 



Roman shades would add a sophisticated look to a bay windows appeal, especially a flat roman classic. There are many beautiful fabrics to choose from varying from traditional to transitional. Roman shades have the ability to tie a room together efficiently by having matching accents throughout your room, creating what they call a masterpiece. 


Roller Shades have become a popular choice for homeowners. The evolution of roller shades has taking off. Roller shades diverse collections come in a wide variety of colors, textures and stylish fabrics. Homeowners have the ability to create a very sophisticated, customized, elegant looking shade for their bay windows. Roller shades appearance are clean, crisp and sleek. Roller shades are filled with enthusiasm!




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