Window Treatments Hempstead

Window Treatments Bring Out the Beauty of Your Hempstead Home! What makes a room feel complete?  What is missing if it’s not? Window treatments are typically the missing link to the beautiful room.  Window treatments specifically designed to aesthetically highlight the natural beauty of any room of a Hempstead home Once the missing link is […]

Exterior Shades Long Island

Continuous Outdoor Enjoyment Without the Annoying Glare! During the summer, the glare from the sun can make for an unpleasant experience when you’re trying to enjoy the patio or exterior room of your Long Island home.  This problem can be resolved rather easily when you consider an exterior shade. Made in the Shade Long Island […]

Window Treatments Long Island

Underscore the Beauty of Your Long Island Home with Window Treatments! Some rooms in your home just do not feel complete and you cannot put your finger on what is missing.   The majority of the time the missing item(s) are window treatments.  Window treatments designed to aesthetically underscore the natural beauty of any room of […]

Plantation Shutters Long Island NY

Plantation Shutters – A Practical Option for Your Long Island Home Privacy and lighting of rooms is important, for your Long Island home.  They can be easily controlled with the correct blinds and shutters.  Nevertheless, deciding which is the most ideal requires the evaluation of many factors.  The window treatments chosen to adorn your windows […]

Window Treatments Long Island NY

Highlight Your Long Island Home with Window Treatments that will Wow! Are there rooms in your home that seem to be just missing something?  Something that will be the icing on the cake, but you cannot quite put your finger on it.  Potentially, all the rooms need are perfect window treatments.  The decision now becomes […]


NOW AVAILABLE! CUSTOM BLINDS FOR EVERY LONG ISLAND HOME! Not every home window is alike and sometimes, finding the right size and color of blinds that perfectly accentuate your home in Long Island, is not an easy task. Blinds typically are premade in common sizes; however, this does not work when the home has an […]


FINDING IT HARD TO LOCATE THE RIGHT BLINDS FOR YOUR LONG ISLAND HOME? Everyone’s style and taste are different and unique, and it is displayed through the décor of your Long Island home. Maybe your preference is Modern, Contemporary, or Classic. It does not matter; your choice is uniquely yours and there is not a […]

Natural Woven Shades: Organic Aesthetics, Exotic Appearance

Natural woven shades are an attractive alternative to other popular window treatments. They are available in various materials such as: Bamboo, Reeds, Jute, and Grasses. Natural woven shades infuse your home with that soothing, organic aesthetic. Pure beauty! Natural shades are unique. They create an exotic style with their natural textures and colors. They have […]

Ideal Window Treatments for Bay Windows

Bay windows are a very popular and common window structure in many homes. They add value to homes while showcasing an aesthetic appeal.   Bay windows offer panoramic views enabling them to allow natural light to enter your home through many angles. They are also versatile and provide great ventilation. Speaking of being versatile, there […]